What can your child watch?

Not all programmes, websites and apps are suitable for young children. After all, they don’t know what’s real and what’s not, so some programmes can be confusing. What can your child watch?

Age 2 and up:

Tigga & Togga, Miffy, Pingu, Dipdap and Hey Duggee

Age 3 and up:

Bear in the Big Blue House, Rupert Bear, Bob the Builder, Kipper, Frog & Friends, Winnie The Pooh.

Age 4 and up:

Sesame Street, Arthur, Tupu, Olivia, Maya the Bee, Doc McStuffins, Max and Ruby, Ask the Storybots, SuperWings, Daniel Tiger, Snoopy and Wallace & Gromit.


This app helps you choose videos that are appropriate for your child’s age. You can also block videos that you don’t want your child to watch and you can even set a time limit for your child’s screen time.


For more fun programmes, websites and apps for your children have a look at the Mediasmarties website.

Did you know

that most young children enjoy watching the same things over and over again?

They like repetition. Only when they turn 5 do they start liking new videos or exciting new programmes.