Tip 6: Exercise

Exercising is a good way to prevent or reduce stress. There’s no need to overdo it! You could go for a walk with your child or cycle to the playground. The best place to exercise is outside, because then you get some fresh air too. If the weather is bad, you can also dance to music with your child indoors. Moving around will reduce your stress levels.

Did you know

that exercising decreases the levels of stress hormone in your body?

By going for a walk every day, you can reduce symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety by half. Your body also gets tired from exercising, which reduces stress and will make you sleep better. That, in turn, will guarantee a better start to the day.

Hans, father of Tessa (3 years old) and Kees (5 years old):

I have one day off per week and that day is reserved for exercising with a friend. But I often end up cancelling at the last minute, and afterwards I’m sorry I didn’t go. I’ve noticed that I spend a lot of time thinking about work when I’m at home. And when I exercise, I clear my head. Now I’ve agreed with my friend that I have to get him a treat if I cancel. Hopefully that will be the motivation I need to stick to my plans.