Tip 1: Give something your full attention

1. Choose something that you will do alone today, like showering, brushing your teeth, washing the dishes, cycling to work or folding the laundry.

2. Try to give this task or activity your full attention.

If you choose showering, for example:

  • Can you feel the water run across your body? Do you feel how it is flowing down from your hair to your feet?
  • How nice and warm does it feel?
  • What do you hear?
  • What do you smell?
  • What do you see? Maybe droplets on the wall?

Are you starting to think of other things anyway? Then try to calmly focus on showering again.

3. Pay yourself a compliment when you’re done, even if you didn’t entirely manage to think of something else.


Giving something your full attention is harder than it seems. If you do this often, you will see it gets easier every time.