Tip 2: Focus fully on your child

Try to really pay attention to your child. Let go of your thoughts. Focus on your child. Play together or read a book together, for example. Enjoy the love you feel for your child and make sure you have a moment together every day. And try to really enjoy that moment to the full.

  1. Choose a moment to spend with your child, for example to play a game, go grocery shopping or dress them.
  2. Take your time for this moment today. Pay attention to what you’re doing and don’t rush. Are you starting to think of other things? Then bring your attention back to the present moment and what you’re doing with your child.
  3. Try to enjoy the moment. Give them your attention and enjoy your time together.

Vivianne, mother of Lisa (4 years old): 

“How I act towards Lisa really depends on my own mood. Sometimes I shout, which makes Lisa even more difficult to handle. Often I really just need to stop whatever I’m doing and concentrate on her for a bit, listen to her attentively or do something fun. Vacuuming can wait.”