Tip 6: Accept who you are

You are a good person. Everyone has their negative sides. Accept yourself for who you are. The more you accept yourself, the more you can truly be yourself. And the happier you will become.

Also accept your thoughts but remember your thoughts are often not the truth, even though we may think they are. Discover what Gina has to say about that.

Gina, mother of Melissa (8 years old) and Rob (6 years old):

Last year I was always fighting my thoughts. I didn’t want to have these thoughts because they made me sad. So I pushed them away. I spoke to someone about it a few times. She gave me some tips to practice with. For example, she taught me to see my thoughts as just that, thoughts. My thoughts are not the truth.

Now, when I have a negative thought, I try to put it inside a little balloon in my head. And I send it up into the sky. Then I do something else. Once another thought pops up, I do the same. I put it inside a balloon and send it up. I always thought that sounded a bit ‘up there’, but I must admit, it really helped.