Tip 5: It’s okay to disagree

Not all people involved in the raising of your child need to do things exactly the same. There is no need to agree on everything. Do you agree on the basic rules? If there are differences, are they confusing for your child? If not, there’s no problem. Just respect each other’s methods. Your child will only benefit from this.

Did you know

that children often know only too well what Dad will allow but Mum won’t, and the other way around?

That’s not an issue. At school children often also have different teachers. They have the same basic rules, but they may interpret them differently. Children generally know how to deal with these different approaches.

Thomas, father of Charlie (5 years old) and Bob (3 years old):

At home we have a set of basic rules. Apart from that, the children know that some things are occasionally allowed with me and not with their mum. Every now and then I allow them to eat in front of the TV, for example. Their mum would never allow this. And the general rule at home is that we eat together at the table, but I do make the odd exception. The children understand this is a treat, something they’re only allowed to do when Mummy is not home.