Tip 7: Criticism is not always negative

There’s no such thing as the perfect parent. We all know that. But there may be times when your parenting is criticised. That can be annoying, particularly if others heard it too.

Try to figure out why someone would criticise the way you raise your child. Few people will criticise with the intention of hurting your feelings. Keep in mind that criticism is often meant to be constructive, no matter how harsh it sounds. People may criticise because they want to help you. Or sometimes even because they themselves feel insecure.

How to deal with criticism

You can’t pick the criticism you get, but you can choose how to deal with it. If criticism makes you insecure, tell this to the person who is criticising you. Explain how it makes you feel. People often don’t realise. They may be able to help you in a different way, rather than just criticising.

You can also decide to ignore criticism. After all, you are your child’s parent and you are trying your best to raise them as well as you can. Try to be open to tips, but feel free to ignore anyone who is too negative.