Tip 2: There’s no need for perfection

Nobody is perfect, not even you. It’s good to say “sorry” sometimes. You often instantly feel a lot better once you’ve said it. It’s a relief. Others also understand you better, and as a result, you’ll feel more supported.

Have you ever gotten angry without a valid reason? If that happens, you could say, “Sorry, Mummy was a little tired. I shouldn’t have reacted that angrily. Shall we play together and be friends again?”.

Roxanne, mother of Tom (6 years old) and Lisa (8 years old):

I wanted to do everything perfectly: raise my children well, cook healthy meals, have a clean house and make time for friends and family. It caused me a lot of stress. Now that I allow myself to make mistakes, I am much more relaxed. I accept myself as I am. Sometimes I tell the children, “Sorry, Mummy is a little tired. I shouldn’t have been that angry.” That helps a lot.


Are you desperate for others to like you?

You can’t please everyone. See what makes you happy. You can only help others if you feel good about yourself.