Tip 2: Limit distractions

TVs, smartphones and tablets are distracting. Since you pay less attention to your food, it takes longer to realise you’re full. You also tend to eat faster and therefore more than you actually need. If you eat at the table with your child without distractions, your child will have a better feel for their hunger cues and feel full at just the right time.


Set the right example by not using your own phone either. You’ll eat slower and enjoy your meal more.

Kirsten, mother of Stijn (5 years old) and Fenna (3 years old)

Before having children, my husband and I would always eat on the sofa, in front of the TV. Since Stijn has been eating with us, we’ve all moved to the table. We don’t switch on the TV and my husband and I leave our phones in the living room. We love it! It’s also the perfect time to discuss our day.