Tip 5: Throw in treats

If your child never gets a treat, chances are they will just want them even more. And if all children get a sweet treat at a party, your child will naturally want one too. That’s okay and it should be allowed. A sweet treat every now and then is perfectly fine, as long as you set clear rules and keep portions small.

Jeroen, father of Floor (2.5 years old)

Every now and then, I allow Floor a bowl of crisps. After all, a child will always want what they can’t have! The important thing is to set rules on how much they can eat and how often. Once you’ve set those rules and you stick to them, everything is clear to everyone.

Tips to treat your child while limiting sugar and calories:

  • Serve small portions, for example by choosing large crisps, so that the bowl seems fuller than it actually is. An example are the Cheetos Nibbit rings.
  • Choose crisps with a lower calorie content than regular chips. Below you can see a few examples. To find out how many calories other products contain, like biscuits or sweets, check the label. For handy tips on how to read and compare product labels click here.
470 kcal per 100 gram
439 kcal per 100 gram
470 kcal per 100 gram