Tip 1: Continue to offer fruit and vegetables

Did you know

your child needs to try foods 8 to 10 times to get used to their flavours?

Does your child dislike a certain food and do they refuse to eat it? Prepare it again a few days later. They may still refuse to eat it, but just tasting it is already a big step! Don’t worry if they spit it out. By tasting it, they will slowly get used to the flavour.

Marjolein, mother of Liz (4 years old) and Kai (2 years old):

I don’t like sitting at the table with two children who refuse to eat anything. How do they know they don’t like it if they haven’t even tasted it? That’s what I tell them. Eventually they do taste the food, even if just a small bite. That makes me happy. In a few days’ time, I’ll just prepare spinach again. With time, they’ll learn to eat it.