Tip 14: Set a good example

Did you know

that children imitate the behaviour of people they have a good relationship with?

Eat fruit and vegetables together with your child. And drink water and tea (unsweetened).

Why? If your child sees you eat or drink something, they will want to join in. Not too keen on water yourself? Then try flavoured water or tea.

Act enthusiastically, look happy and tell your child you like it.

Why? If your child sees that you like fruit, vegetables and water, they will be more likely to eat or drink them too.

Drink water at set times, for example with all meals.

Why? That will each your child water is the standard drink in your household.

If you drink a sweetened drink near your child, use a small glass.

Why? If your child wants to drink some too, give them a small glass too. That will prevent them from drinking too much juice and soft drink.

Mirthe, mother of Siem (3.5 years old

Siem is not a big fan of vegetables, but I know where he got that from. My husband hardly eats vegetables. Like father, like son. I talked about this with my husband. “If you don’t eat vegetables yourself, how can you expect Siem to eat them?” Now my husband is eating more vegetables at the table and so is Siem, because look, Mum and Dad are doing the same!