Tip 5: Put vegetables in soups, sauces and hotchpotch

Be creative and prepare vegetables differently from time to time. That allows your child to get used to the taste of vegetables in different ways. You can make hotchpotch, sauce or soup, for example. However, also keep giving your child loose vegetables, so that they get used to eating them.


Here you can find some examples of quick, easy and healthy recipes with different types of vegetables.

Anne, mother of Dennis (3 years old)

Dennis hardly eats vegetables. He hates cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, you name it. And he’s not too fond of soup either. Then one time, at daycare, I saw him eat tomato soup. I was amazed! Turns out, it was a pureed soup! So now I’ve started serving it. And just like that, Dennis started eating soup. At least it’s a way to make him eat his vegetables. I also keep giving him loose vegetables, because I think it’s important for him to get used to eating those too. At least now we can sit at the table more relaxed.

Vegetables and apple puree?

Does your child absolutely refuse to taste vegetables? Have you tried everything, to no avail? Then try serving vegetables with some apple puree (for example, beans with a bit of apple puree). That might encourage your child to try the vegetables.

Did you know

that if you serve your child apple puree with vegetables, they might struggle to get used to the taste of the vegetables?

Apple puree also contains a lot of sugar, so don’t serve it too often. Do you want to try to get your child to eat vegetables by serving them with apple puree? Then reduce the quantity of apple puree you serve every time, until your child is willing to eat the vegetables without the apple puree.