Tip 9: Let your child help

Encourage your child to help you prepare meals. If they’ve helped you cook or prepare the food, they are more likely to taste it. How can your child help? A few suggestions:

  • Rinse fruit and vegetables
  • Peel eggs
  • Make their own sandwiches
  • Put pieces of vegetables into the pot or pan

Lieke, mother of Luna (5 years old), Tijn (3 years old) and Sanne (1.5 years old)

Tijn loves to help me cook. He is very curious and likes to keep an eye on things. I often tell him to help me rinse vegetables and put ingredients in dishes. I also encourage him to taste raw vegetables. He often prefers his vegetables raw rather than cooked. At the table he proudly tells his sisters and father that he helped me cook. And I’ve noticed that since he’s been helping, he’s been eating more too.


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