How can you help your child follow rules?

The following tips can help you encourage your child to follow rules.

Tip 1: Compliment your child when they do a good thing.

If you pay your child a compliment when they’ve respected a rule, chances are they will follow that rule next time too.

An example: Your child went to bed without complaining. He followed the bed time rules. Give your child a compliment before they fall asleep. You could say, for example, “I am very proud of you for going to bed without complaining today”.

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Tip 2: Remind your child of the rule just before the situation occurs

An example: You’re walking home with your child. Right before you open the front door, you say, “The first thing we’re going to do when we’re inside is hang our jackets on the coat stand”.

Tip 3: Distract your child from the situation and think of something they can do.

An example: Sarah wants to watch Sesame Street, but today she’s already watched an hour of TV. The rule is that she can’t watch TV for more than one hour a day, so her father won’t let her. He suggests they colour together.