A good night’s sleep. Why?

A good night’s sleep. Why?

A good night’s sleep helps your child process the information they gathered during the day. It is also important that your child gets enough sleep because it helps them:

  • Grow and be healthy
  • Be happy
  • Learn new things
  • Be sick less often
  • Have a lower chance of obesity

Many 2- and 3-year-olds still have an afternoon nap. That helps them get all the sleep their bodies need. An afternoon nap is also nice because:

  • It gives your child an energy boost.
  • It ensures they are happier once they wake up.
  • They are less likely to defy you.
  • You get some time for yourself.

It also feels good for you, as a parent, if your child sleeps well. You sleep better too, and you’re less tired. As a result, you have more energy to enjoy happy moments with your child. If you feel well-rested yourself, it’s also easier to respond to your child, set rules and give compliments. You’ll find these and other practical tips for raising your child here.