Habits are things you do automatically, without thinking. They can be healthy or rather unhealthy. An example of a rather unhealthy habit is eating a packet of crisps in front of the TV. Or buying a snack every time you do the grocery shopping. Chances are you will do the same over and over again without giving it much thought.

It is logical that we develop such habits. In our society, we are confronted with unhealthy food and drinks everywhere we go. And it’s becoming increasingly easier to exercise less too. That’s why it is so important to teach children healthy habits. If they learn them while they are young, they will struggle less to live a healthy adult life.

Examples of healthy habits are:

  • Drinking water with meals.
  • Eating fruit after the afternoon nap.
  • Having a bed time ritual.
  • Going to the playground or toddler group on foot or by bike.

Did you know

that 45% of our behaviour is made up of habits?

This shows habits have a major impact on what we do. That’s why it is so important to develop healthy habits. You can do that by creating new habits or by changing old, unhealthy habits into healthy ones.

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