Pay a compliment

Compliments boost your child’s self-esteem and show them how much they mean to you. They also teach your child to behave. And they give them the confidence to try new things.


Immediately respond if your child does a good thing.

Example: “What’s that? Have you put on your shoes all by yourself? That’s amazing!”

Clearly tell your child what you appreciate about their behaviour.

Example: “It’s great to see that you’re playing quietly while I’m cooking.”

Pay your child a compliment for little things.

Example: “I see that you put your own jacket away. That’s great! It made me very happy.”

When giving compliments try not to focus too much on the end result.

Example: “You’re colouring really calmly, well done!”


compliments work better if you smile, hug, or do a thumbs-up.