How to solve fights

Sometimes fights get out of hand. If you see your child can’t solve them by themselves, you can step in. A few practical tips:

Tip 1: Tell the children what you’re seeing and what they are feeling and thinking. An example: “Dylan also wants to play with the car, but it’s not nice of him to grab it from your hands”. In some cases, this will help children solve the fight by themselves, because they will have a better understanding of what the other child wants.

Tip 2: Propose solutions. Maybe you could join them until they’re done fighting. You could say, for example, “Shall we take turns driving the car?”. This will help your child strike a balance and play nicely with their friend again.

Tip 3: When they have calmed down, they can apologise to each other. Make sure they are ready to do this. You can’t force a child to give another child a kiss or to shake hands.