How much does your child need?


Your child should drink 5 to 7 cups a day (about 1 litre). Milk is included in this amount. Have a look at the website of the Netherlands Nutrition Centre for more information (Dutch only).

Did you know

that children eat better if they have had nothing to drink up to 30 minutes before their meal?

Drinking quickly fills up their stomach. If they drink a lot before their meal, they won’t be hungry when it’s time to eat.


There are no set rules on the amounts your child should be eating. After all, every child is different. Some children need more food than others. Children realise very well whether they’re hungry or full. So listen to your child and don’t force them to eat or finish their plate.


Have a look at the example meal plans of the Netherlands Nutrition Centre. They give you an idea of what your child could eat in a day and in which quantities.