Tips for a healthy home

Did you know

your home can help your family eat healthier?

You decide what food and drink you have at home. The place where you store them is also important. Would you like to find out how you can help your family eat healthier? Discover our ten tips!

  1. Buy healthy snacks, such as grapes or cherry tomatoes.
  2. Put your fruit bowl in a visible place and make sure your child can reach it.
  3. Put water on the table during meals.
  4. Place healthy foods in front in your cupboards and fridge.
  5. Don’t buy too many sweets, biscuits, crisps and sweet drinks. If you have a lot of sweet treats at home, chances are you will eat them.
  6. Put sweets, biscuits and sweet drinks at the back of your cupboards, so you don’t see them and you need to make more of an effort to reach them.
  7. Cook with plenty of vegetables and wholegrain products.
  8. Limit the fast food you eat, such as chips, pizza and Chinese take-away. Make clear agreements on when to eat fast food, for example on birthdays only.
  9. Serve small portions and don’t top up.
  10. Serve food on the plate, in the kitchen. That way, you will not be tempted to take more than you really need.

Also watch this video for more tips on a healthy home.


Take along a bottle of water when you go out. When your child gets thirsty, you can offer them water. This will also help you save money.