My child struggles to fall asleep

Your child might struggle to fall asleep. If you hear them babbling a bit, don’t rush to their bedroom. Some children just need some time to calm down before falling asleep. If you decide to check on them anyway after a while, stay calm. Tell them it’s really time to sleep now. All the animals and all the children are sleeping already. Try to speak in a soothing voice.

Did you know

that children might be scared to go to sleep?

Is your child scared? Try to find a solution together.

  • Tackle that fear. Is your child afraid there’s a monster in their bedroom? Make your own ‘monster spray’ by pouring water into a spray bottle. That will scare the monsters away.
  • Use a dream catcher. Hang a dream catcher above your child’s bed and tell them it will catch their bad dreams. It’s also a good idea to make your own dream catcher with your child as a fun crafts project.
  • Appoint a soft toy as their guardian. This will help your child feel safe.

It is important that you take your child seriously and comfort them.

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