All by themselves

Children like to do things all by themselves. That’s also how they learn to do things.

  • See whether your child can walk on their own for a bit. At first it may take a while, but the more they practice, the faster they will become. So don’t always put your child in the pushchair, but let them walk for a bit from time to time.
  • Your child will also learn to walk up and down the stairs by themselves pretty quickly. Don’t always lift them up, but do walk behind them when they’re going up the stairs. It’s also a good way for you to exercise together.
  • Your child may be able to learn how to cycle too (with side wheels) or use a kick scooter. Let your child practice. If they fail, encourage them to try again.


Don’t always intervene when your child is trying something new.

Children love to try new things, like climbing. They might fall every now and again, but that’s not a problem. It’s just part of the learning process. Give your child the time and space to keep trying, but do stay close so you can step in if something is really about to go wrong.