Tip 5: Make choices

Consider what you feel are really important tasks and don’t feel guilty about neglecting everything else every now and then. How bad is it if you skip the vacuuming for once? Or if you miss an after-work get-together with colleagues? There’s no need to do everything.

Milou, mother of twins James and Robin (3 years old):

For me it was important to realise not everything needs to be perfect. That sounds like an open door, but it took me a while to understand. I was talking to a friend. She felt totally overwhelmed. Her house was a mess (or so she thought) and she hadn’t exercised in three weeks.

I told her she didn’t need to do everything perfectly. She laughed and told me, “You’re one to talk, little miss perfect. If there is anyone who’s a perfectionist, it’s definitely you!” That came as quite a shock, but I realised she was right.