Tip 4: Don’t force them

If you force children to eat or drink something, they might feel annoyed and refuse altogether. In that case, try again later. Young children also sense quite well whether they’ve eaten enough, so let them decide how much they want to eat. Don’t worry about them eating too little. They won’t starve. If you are worried, however, contact your local healthcare centre.

How to tell whether your child doesn’t want to eat

Does your child refuse to eat? Then they generally turn their head and say “no”. This video clearly shows a child turning their head the other way.


Do you hate throwing away food?

Serve smaller portions and store leftovers in the fridge or freezer. If you see that your child is still hungry, you can always top up their plate.

Does your child eat very slowly? Then try to schedule some more time for meals, including breakfast. Does your child still struggle to finish their meal? Then clearly tell them time’s up. At the next meal, they are less likely to waste time.