Tip 4: Brainstorm about solutions and pick the best one!

If you listen to each other, you can come up with solutions together. In most cases, there’s more than a single solution.


Draw up a list of all possible solutions, just like you would make a list of baby names you like before the birth of a child.

Choose a solution and try it out for two weeks. Does it work? After those two weeks discuss how it went.

An example: Once a week, your child goes to your mother-in-law, which you are very happy about. However, Grandma gives too many biscuits and sweets. So when your child comes home for dinner, they are not hungry anymore. The rule at home is that your child gets only one biscuit a day. You would want your mother-in-law to follow that same rule with your child, but you’re a bit scared to tell her. How can you discuss this biscuit rule?

Use the discussion model. Follow the 6 steps and find the best solution together.