Tip 3: Pay yourself a compliment

Pay yourself a compliment. Raising children is not always easy. It’s okay to be proud of yourself!


Pay yourself a compliment every night for something you did well during the day.

Has someone else paid you a compliment? You might be tempted to reply with a compliment or even dismiss it. But it’s good for your confidence to accept a compliment. You should thank the person who paid you the compliment and feel proud of yourself.

Eva, mother of Amber (7 years old):

I help a lot at Amber’s school. And I get a lot of compliments for it. I used to just dismiss them, for example by saying, “Oh, it’s no big deal” or “I am unemployed anyway.” But I completed a course and that made me look at things completely differently. Now, when I get a compliment, I say, “Thank you, I like it”. I’ve noticed it makes me a lot happier.