Tip 5: Think positively together

Agree with your partner, a friend or a relative that you will all start thinking positive. We often don’t even realise we’re nagging. It can feel good to discuss problems with someone, but try not to dwell on them. Try to think what you can learn from them or what you can do differently next time. You could also say how happy you are with your friend or partner. All of this gives you positive energy.


Instead of always saying, “I have to”, try saying “I’m going to”.

Moniek, mother of Pip (5 years old):

“Recently, someone challenged me. She said I often say, ‘I have to’. For example, very often I say, ‘I have to pick up the children later.’ However, I actually enjoy picking them up. So now, instead of saying I have to do something, I often say that I’m going to. It’s funny how such a small challenge by a friend helped me think more positively.”