Tip 13: Don’t eat too late

It is best for children not to eat too late. Children tend to struggle to eat when they’re tired. If your child only eats vegetables with their dinner, try serving a hot meal for lunch. Children tend to have more energy at lunchtime and eat better.

Josien, mother of Bram (5 years old) and Anne (2.5 years old)

We consider it important to eat together, but that’s very difficult in the evening! My husband doesn’t always come home at the same time, so sometimes we would eat early and other times we would eat late. Especially Anne struggled with this. On the nights that we ate late, she would often start complaining and be difficult for the rest of the evening. So now we’ve agreed that I eat with the children at 17:30. If my husband is home, he eats with us. If not, he eats by himself later. It’s a pity we can’t eat together all the time, but for Anne it’s better this way. And at weekends we always make it a point to eat together.


Don’t sit at the table too long. Some children can’t sit still for extended periods of time, either because of their age or because they still struggle to eat by themselves.