Tip 4: Serve fruit and vegetables several times a day

You can put vegetables on the dinner table, but you can also serve them as a snack or with lunch. A few examples: cucumber and lettuce on a sandwich, or tomato and bell pepper on a toastie. Cucumber, cherry tomatoes and carrots are also tasty snacks. Fruit is also tasty with breakfast, lunch or dinner, for example slices of banana or baked apple on a sandwich.

Janne, mother of Ties and Kes (both 3.5 years old) and Lianne (1 year old)

I find it important that my children eat enough vegetables. But they need to eat quite a lot in a day! They don’t eat that many vegetables at dinner. So now I also give them vegetables at other times. I put some cucumber slices on sandwiches, for example. It’s healthy and it looks good too! In the late afternoon I also serve a little bowl of bell peppers and cherry tomatoes. This makes it a lot easier for my children to eat their portion of vegetables every day.

Did you know

that round vegetables can easily get stuck in young children’s throats?

So always cut grapes and cherry tomatoes in half lengthwise, as shown in this photo.