Tip 6: Explain

Explain to your child why it’s important for them to try a bite of vegetables. Chances are they will actually taste them! How should you do this?

Tip: explain which behaviour you want to see.

“I want you to try at least one bite of these vegetables.”
“I want you to drink at least one cup of water today.”

Tip: edapt your explanation to your child.

“Mmm, these are broccoli trees. They make you very strong. If you eat them, you’ll be able to climb and cycle really well.”
“It’s important that you drink water. You need to drink enough water to have the energy to play.”

Tip: Explain.

“At first I didn’t like cauliflower either, but now I do!”
“If you taste vegetables, little by little you’ll start enjoying them more and more.” 

Tip: Explain why it is important to you.

“I would really like you to take a small bite, because I want you to be healthy.”
“I would really like you to drink water, because I want you to be healthy.”


Don’t put too much pressure on your child by ‘forcing’ them to eat and drink, because they might start to see it as something negative.

Bob, father of Bart (3.5 years old)

Bart hardly ate any vegetables at all. He wouldn’t even try them! I explained to him that it’s normal not to like everything from the start. Sometimes you need to taste something 10 times before you suddenly realise you do like it. Slowly but surely, you will start liking more foods. Now Bart is willing to try new foods. He is taking at least one bite of vegetables. I’m sure things will get even better with time.