Tip 8: Make it fun

If eating fruit and vegetables becomes a fun activity, your child will enjoy eating them more! It will make mealtimes less stressful for you too.

Think of funny names.

Example: you could say, “Broccoli trees make you strong” or “These pieces of sweet potato look like orange fingers”.

Create a comfortable atmosphere.

Example: set the table in a fun way, with colourful plates, cutlery and napkins.
While eating, talk about what you did during the day.

Combine new fruits and vegetables with something your child likes.

Example: make a salad with different types of fruits and vegetables, like apple, celery and raisins.

Explain why it is important to you.

Example: you could say, “I would really like you to have a bite, because I want you to be healthy” or “I would really like you to drink water, because I want you to be healthy”.

Tell your child about a vegetable they don’t know in a fun way, for example through books or pictures.

Example: have a look at this website to discover some fun picture books on fruit and vegetables. A mother describes some picture books and shares her opinion on them

Turn eating into a fun activity.

Example: a banana looks like a dolphin, you could easily turn a clementine into a funny character… For more ideas on how to make fun and healthy snacks and treats, click here.

Did you know

that water and tea can also easily be turned into a fun and tasty treat?

Just add some frozen fruits, cucumber or lemon. Or why not make tea with fresh mint and lemon, or ginger and orange? It looks special and it’s very tasty too! Find out how to make your own flavoured water here.

You can also pour water into a nice cup or bottle to make it more appealing.